Qualitative Inhalation

AirLog6 – QI

The Gadget For Distributors


The deviceAirLog6® – QI is suitable for use in small to medium-sized environments (private homes, offices, etc) where the air circulation is not excessive (which would cause the dispersion of the active ingredient) and in situations where it is easy to operate on the instrument in order to avoid waste due to excessive dispensing. Easily transportable, the device is suitable for individual use in the car, in the office on the desk, in the room inhabited more frequently in a home. Despite the small size of the device, the first clinical defense is in fact widely possible for at least 10 people present in the same environment. The silent one, and therefore not very powerful, technology of emission of the product into the environment, makes it ideal even where it is necessary to maintain an operational concentration (office, studio), but it is not recommended for use in large environments where the homogeneous diffusion of the active ingredient would be compromised.
Not prolonged use is recommended (max 10-15 min.)