Fast Virex Retrovirale

Fast Virex ® patent n ° 102021000007403 is a new stable macro-molecule with retroviral action, registered at CASE (Registration Number 2541646-20-0) with the name of Hexadecanamiunium, N,N,N-trimethyl-, tricyclo[,7]decane-2-acetate (1:1). It is currently present in the formulation Air Log 6 to increase its inhibition efficacy on pollutants. However, it can find application for the improvement and stabilization of various solutions.

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How retroviral action works?

The retroviral action consists in the biological inhibition of the RnA-si factor of viruses or other contaminants. In the pure salt version, Fast Virex ® easily reactivated, is capable of giving multiple formulations a retroviral activity or in any case steric energy capable of inhibiting / degrading significant viral loads by identifying an action threshold of not less than 1,74 – 2,0 logarithms. This substance can reduce a degree of viral infectivity at least higher than 2 logarithms. The technique for activating the molecule, although easy to use it is a confidential technique of CH.I.S.S.. srl.

Other advantages in using Fast Virex

The Fast Virex ® macromolecule also has a stabilizing action within the formulation, thanks to the action of acetyl ions which bind easily to other molecules. As a salt, therefore, it allows to exploit its retroviral function in chemical formulations accredited as medical devices, PMC, sanitizings, generic therapeutic preparations or only with indirect or direct clinical effects.
At the moment, its most successful application is within the formulation Air Log 6. In combination with chlorhexidine it constitutes a first clinical defense for the control of the epidemiological emergency COVID19

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