NANO SPRAY GUN K5 is the latest solution developed by CHISS SRL to use the high versatility and effectiveness of the Air Log formulation 6. Ideal for quick sanitizing of environments and surfaces, the formulation was tested on SARS-CoV-2 and positively evaluated at UNIPISA. The atomizer also got Accredia LAB N° 1101 L Report No. 1101/22 del 25/04/2022 on its effectiveness. Registered at the Ministero della salute as a Medical Device Class I ^ CND V80 R / 2123729.


NANO SPRAY GUN K5 is an atomizer, which delivers the exclusive formulation of CHISS Air Log 6, equipped with the patented retroviral Fast Virex. The use of this combination, thanks to the UV guide light, allows to carry out rapid sanitation interventions in the presence of people. The Air Log formulation 6 in fact it has been rated suitable for aerosolization according to current WHO directives 2003 Powered by a built-in 2200mhA lithium battery, it is easily rechargeable via the supplied USB TYPE-C cable. It is therefore possible to use it without having to connect it to an electrical network.
This technology, designed and manufactured by CHISS SRL, it allows you to sanitize surfaces in a few seconds, effective on viruses, mushrooms, battery, amoebas and gram + gram contaminants -, with tested and guaranteed high contaminant abatement results.

How to use this system

NANO SPRAY GUN K5 realizes lasting sanitizations for an immediate reuse of surfaces, sitting, environments in general. To obtain excellent results, a quick passage of the gun over the surfaces is enough (effectiveness tested in the laboratory 5 seconds).
The non-toxicity of the product also allows it to be used in any type of environment, as offices, hotel restaurants, churches, museums or public facilities.
Depending on the treatment to be carried out, it is possible to adjust the nebula of the NANO SPRAY K5 via 2 powers of the motor and the nozzle of the gun.

LAB N° 1101 L Report N°1101/22 dated 25/04/2022

LAB N° 1101 L Report N°1101/22 dated 25/04/2022 here .

Technical features NANO SPRAY GUN K5 atomizer

Tank380 ml
Battery2200 mAh
Charging voltageDC5V 1.5 A
Voltage at work DC3,7V
Spray distanceby 1,5 a 2,5 m
CND and DirectoryV80 R/2123729
CertificationAccredia LAB N° 1189 The Report N° 1101/22 25/01/2022