The Water Waste ST © Project is the primary activity of the CHISS startup. It concerns the treatment of industrial waste generated by processes with a large use of water. The innovation consists in carrying out this operation through a physical, non-invasive source, capable of an ST (space-time) action of a few minutes instead of the years or months required by current technologies for the recovery of the water’s ability to reinsert oxygen and eliminate harmful toxic elements such as heavy metals and other pollutants that increase the value of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). This is the possibility of creating scalable plants, which can be designed according to the purification situations of the various activities

The technology of the Water Waste ST project’s

You can customize this technology according to the needs of the system to be treated. The Water Waste ST actuator should be applied before the purifier, to achieve a real-time action. In this way the elements in the queue are transmuted, treating the wastewater before becoming a special waste. It is also a highly ecological system, as it does not generate special sludge but transmutes the matter. In this way it brings a 360 ° circular economy. In fact, the advantage is also considerable from an economic point of view, as the costs of transferring the wastewater to be treated, human, social and environmental resources are reduced.

Water Waste ST for environmental protection

The Water Waste ST use as wastewater treatment plant, brings a marked improvement in the microclimate. In addition to the obvious ecological contribution to the salvation of the planet, it allows industries and companies to adapt to the new laws on environmental emissions.
The Water Waste ST technology would have a strong impact on reducing the planet’s atmospheric warming, if used on a large scale. The Decree EU 2018 also obliges a considerable effort to reduce emissions, which this system not only guarantees, but incredibly exceeds!

water waste st per la terra

Results of laboratory testing

The experimental activity at the production laboratory of thspace/time actuator (st), reproduced in the Argal physics laboratory (Cornaredo MI) on a high degree of sampled COD (maximum scale value at the photometer <35,000 ppm) has yielded surprising results. In fact, the mechanical action of the Water Waste ST prototype with 1 minute 3 minute reading generated samples all indented in table <125 mg/l. As many as 60% of the samples gave COD values <10 mg/l (some 6mg/l). These results are unthinkable with filtration techniques, even the most modern subject of studies and patents. The weak point of the current technologies used, in fact, in addition to the long application time is the production of additional sludge to be disposed of. All this has very high economic and ecological costs that Water Waste ST eliminates.
Finally, these data show the possibility, thanks to Chiss’ exclusive technology, to push the entire industrial waste disposal system forward.