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The sponsors of the “Assisi nel vento 4” “Let’s start again from research for the protection of creation” event are very important for Chiss Events in the organization of the 4 days in Santa Maria degli Angeli. Some of them have not only contributed financially, but also actively helped with ideas and projects. We therefore intend with this article, to make a quick presentation of these activities, to thank them for their precious help.

Top Sponsors Let’s start from research for the protection of creation


Angelantoni Life Science (ALS), is a totally owned sub-holding of Angelantoni Industrie. It is undoubtedly one of the leading international companies in the tailor-made design of technological solutions in the supply of refrigeration equipment, and technological solutions in the biomedical sector, with a constant commitment to research, innovation and safety, both, biological and environmental. Gianluigi Angelantoni President and CEO of the group showed a strong interest in the event, and decided to join not only economically, but also with an intervention about “Research in the Angelantoni Group between past and future”



Dromedian is a company in the telecommunications, information technology, remote control and integrated management sectors. It was born from the commitment and dedication of a team of professionals who, through continuous research, innovation and development, ensure that Dromedian is always competitive in the market and in step with technological innovations. His contribution is fundamental for the realization of the ANV4 event

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Genesi energia is an all-Italian excellence in the supply of electricity and gas. In fact, characterized by important skills in the area of energy trading and in an innovative way to propose competitive offers to all users, from small houses to large industries thanks to the analysis of the trends of international trading platforms. The agreement of this company with the organization of the event was instantaneous. The president Gianpiero Santini immediately accepted not only the proposal to sponsor the event, but also to stimulate the workshop whit the intervention “What is the contribution of ‘innovative research” to improving energy efficiency and sustainable mobility? “

genesi energia Sponsor Ripartiamo dalla ricerca

Official Sponsors Let’s start from research for the protection of creation


Sea Ecology is an Umbrian reality of the highest professional level. In fact, since 1990 he has been dealing with analytical services and technical-legal consultancy on ecological-environmental matters and occupational safety. It can therefore impose not only a great deal of experience in the research market, but also a constantly updated technological structure. In addition to sponsoring the event, it will participate in the event to expose the participating scientists to the possibilities that open up by taking advantage of the services of this company.

Sponsor Ripartiamo dalla ricerca sea ecology


Newton Medical is a company composed of a competent and close-knit team that mainly deals with the distribution and supply of medical equipment and health items. Always ready to propose new solutions and ideas on the market, it encourages research and collaboration initiatives, being the best way to innovate and offer an advantage over competitors. His participation as a sponsor of the event is a tangible sign of this.

newton medical official sponsor


Over the years, Santi Gianni’s Megawatt has rapidly expanded into the market through a simple business philosophy: professionalism, quality and maximum customer satisfaction. It specializes in electrical, civil and industrial safety and automation systems. Thanks to the large amount of men and means available, Megawatt is able to reliably carry out large and complex projects. Always interested in offering customers the most advanced technologies, she was immediately enthusiastic about contributing to this initiative



The “Centro medico Bellessere” is a multifunctional structure, located in Terni. He deals with medical therapies in the fields of health and beauty. It stands out for its experience in the field of regenerative medicine and rehabilitation with functional methods. It provides multi-specialized consultancy, including dermatology, trichology, maxillofacial consultations, orthopedics, sclerosing therapy of capillaries and varices, nutraceuticals, vulnology, etc.
Attentive to the world of science, she wanted to sponsor this event to encourage the importance of research.

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EQ Forecast is a project to create a QUOTE ALERT, based on statistical calculations deriving from an algorithm based on the position of the moon, sun and other planets, which can warn in good time people potentially involved in an upcoming earthquake. To do this we intend to use a special App. A project that started in Italy, but which once tested could be extended anywhere. At the ANV4 event Stefano Calandrà will explain the state of the art in detail.

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ICMNS is an acronym that stands for “International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science” and deals with internationally advanced research into the understanding, development and application of condensed matter nuclear science. It is not only a sponsor of “let’s start from research” but also has a large space with its international speakers. Last year the ICCF22 took place in the same venue as the current conference’ICCF22

ISCMNS relatore ANV4 Sponsors Let's start from Research


ARGAL or Association for the Research of the Genesis of LENR Anomalies, aims to investigate the conditions of activation of these anomalies through various experimental methodologies. Despite being a young association, it is very active in promoting and participating in activities even outside of its laboratory in Belluno. Therefore, he could not miss this event. Indeed, it is represented by its president Ubaldo Mastromatteo and Fabrizio Righes.

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The Giuliani foundation deals with cutting-edge studies in Earth Sciences. Giampaolo Giuliani is present at the event by discussing the Radon emissions in the movements of the earth’s crust and the use of the ‘counting rate’ of gamma particles from the isotopes of 214Pb and 214Bi for the EqForecast study.

evento Assisi settembre 2020
Sponsors Let's start from Research


The Art Foundation is a non-profit organization which, in order to guarantee the promotion and dissemination of expressions of culture and art, implements research, study, training and education programs with particular reference to music art datable between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries and the various artistic expressions connected to it, from every era. The fourth edition of Assisi in the wind in the part dedicated to art and faith has the pleasure of hosting its participation and listening to the report by Dr. Maria Luisi.

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