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Scientific events organization of Chiss

CH.I.S.S. SRL takes research and development out of the laboratory, through the organization of scientific events such as workshops and conferences. These events allow experts in various scientific fields to meet from various parts of the world, thus comparing projects and ideas. The events are also organized by opening to the public, to encourage the dissemination of scientific culture and intercultural dialogue. Given the success of a series of meetings, “Assisi nel Vento”, the company joined the project. This in fact fully represents Chiss’s philosophy

ANV Assisi nel Vento Workshop and Conference

“Assisi nel Vento” is a series of workshops and conferences, which in its three editions has addressed different scientific fields. It also proposes a new cultural vision of cooperation between scientific and theological studies (click the acronyms to see the programs and reports of previous editions of Assisi nel Vento ANV3 ANV2 ANV1).
The organization of these scientific and cultural events will be assisted by “Chiss Eventi” starting from the fourth edition of Edizione di Assisi nel Vento (ANV4)

Wind of the Spirit, new wind in the sciences of creation

Assisi nel Vento Short History

organizzazione eventi scientifici workshop & congressi

The first meeting was on October 12, 2013 Terni, in the historical library of the club after work of the Terni’s steelworks, on a very innovative topic: ‘From the steel plant for the metal factory, to the metal for the energy factory?’. Since then, meetings have continued on the theme of new energies but also on topics such as water, architecture (paraboloids) or the quality, safety and environmental systems compared with the Christian roots represented by the world of Benedictine monasteries with their rule and their life experience.
With the organization of scientific and spiritual events of Assisi nel Vento,therefore, a journey of exploration of science and faith has begun, but with the added value of innovation in science and extraordinary charisms in spirituality.

Past editions of Assisi nel Vento


ANV5 Assisi nel vento,
Wind of the Spirit, new winds in the sciences of creation

Fifth conference Assisi nel Vento Christmas Edition.


Current aspects in scientific, theological … cultural research. Reports, demos, experiences and testimonials

A pochi mesi dal quarto convegno ‘Assisi nel Vento’ sulle tracce dei Boanerges, i figli del tuono, organizzato presso l’Hotel Domus Pacis di Santa Maria degli Angeli di Assisi, ……. Keep reading

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