Scientific committee

Chiss’s scientific committee is composed by experts in various fields. It performs representative functions aimed both at enhancing the company’s image at national and international level and in disseminating the results achieved in research activities. It is also the responsibility of the scientific committee, monitoring the business activity and the dissemination of initiatives in the areas of interest.
The scientists of this committee also actively work, carrying out consultancy, address and evaluation functions and participating in the choices related to the addresses of the lines of research, the verification of the results and the protection of the company’s work.

Scientific committee

The members of the scientific committee

  • Ubaldo Mastromatteo – nuclear physicist
  • Fabrizio Righes – lawyer
  • Claudio Pace – mathematician
  • Damiani Maria Grazia – environmental engineer
  • Umbro Sciamannini – clinical health chemist
  • Giovanni Cherubuni – senior qualified physicist

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Expertise and experience

Chiss’s team of scientists therefore offers a work that guarantees competence and professionalism. The great experience also in the various subjects covered allows to provide a variety of services at a high level. If you are interested in more information you can contact the company.