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CH.I.S.S is an innovative startup of research and development in the field of integrated chemistry and multisciences. The company’s organization is structured to allow experts in different scientific fields and interdisciplinary fields to collaborate. In this way, excellence can be achieved in different disciplines. At this point, the company’s activity is focus in the reworking and development of laboratory data, considered innovative and exclusive, for the reduction of COD (Chemical Oxigen Demand) in wastewater. In fact, we found a very good result through an action called ST (Space-Time). This results in experimental laboratory data from the know-how described Chiss reaches the prototypal development phase. In fact, it identified innovative aspects in the reduction of metal pollutants and tensioactives responsible for a high COD index.

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Primary activity of Chiss

The company’s focus at this time is on the design, development, production and marketing of an innovative Chemical Oxigen Demand (COD) reduction plant in wastewater contaminated with tensioactives, that are polluting in the form of metals. Being harmful to water and soil requires extensive development for the application determination and scalability of the technology; pre-industrialisation aspects are also included. The importance of this plant is therefore particularly relevant at this critical stage for the environment: its use can make a significant contribution to ecology in the civil, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Complementary activities for research and development

Whit its corporate skills and knowledge , Chiss has developed a series of products for environmental hygiene with particular attention to the fight against the persistence of COVID on surfaces or in a controlled environment. It also provides various types of consultancy, which can be consulted in the “Scientific services” section. The company is in fact assisted by a scientific committee that involves the following professional skills: nuclear physics, environmental engineering, biological engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, commercial law

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