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Air control as first defense

To make air safe in various daily environments CH.I.S.S. has created an innovative product: Air Log 6. It is in fact a permanent sanitization system, conceived as a purifier with microbicidal, fungicidal and virucidal action.It is suitable for use in the presence of people. No doubt it is the ideal system for air treatment in air-conditioned rooms, because thanks to its special formulation it doubles its effectiveness.
In fact, it has been developed as an aerial surface treatment system (DVA), that is an innovative technology based on the principle of nebulizing an active product in micro drops, thus obtaining a perfect air cleaning treatment.
Air Log 6 is proposed as a first defense system, against viruses, Gram + Gram – contaminants, fungi and bacteria. Furthermore, it has been tested for its effectiveness to counter the COVID-19 pandemic with results beyond the required requirements.


Application of the product: Permanent sanitization or vaporization UVL

Air Log 6 was designed as a permanent air sanitization system, it is provided through diffusers that atomize the product in nanoparticles that remain suspended for a long time in the air. In this way is possible sanitize droplets suspended in the air,that are potential vector of many infections and diseases (how the COVID-19 pandemic taught us). All this even is possible in the presence of people, given the product atoxicity on the human cell. On this page you will therefore find mainly information and specifications for this mode of use of the product.
The demand of the market, to be able to use this innovative and highly effective product, to quickly sanitize areas, to counter SARS-CoV-2, has brought CH.I.S.S. S.R.L. to develop an additional dispensing system, making available the Blue Ray Anions version, which combines the effectiveness of the formulation with the action of steam and UV rays, which you find (by clicking here)

The formula

formulato air log 6

The Air Log 6 formulation sees its realization for the biological control of the air in environments that require extreme levels of hygiene and cleaning, such as general toxicology laboratories, aseptic production areas. Its formula combines the active ingredients of 2-propanol and 1-propanol and isopropyl alcohol, together with refined chlorhexidine and FAST VIREX © an antiviral synthesis salt exclusive to CH.I.S.S. S.R. (CAS N 2541646-20-0).
The publication of 6 February 2020 in the authoritative “Journal of Hospital Infection” 104 (2020), “Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents” di G. Kampf, D. Todt, S. Pfaender e E. Steinmann confirms the maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients of the Airlog 6 formulation against coronavirus.
In fact, the persistence of the virus on different types of surfaces and the effectiveness in the inactivation of various biocidal agents are analyzed in this study. The result demonstrates a reduction in viral infectivity by the components of the Air Log 6 formulation

Air Log 6: first defense against COVID-19

Air Log 6 is the ideal solution to integrate existing SARS-CoV-2 prevention systems. In fact, the use of masks and social distancing contribute significantly to reducing the risk of contagion, but it is not enough. This permanent air sanitization system provides a first defense against the main vector of the infection, which is often not treated. Furthermore, the possibility of dispensing the product in the presence of people allows the protection action in an uninterrupted manner. Also of importance is the function that rotational nanoparticles actively perform, being also conveyed by the same people through their movements and their inhalation, providing a valid contrast to contagion.

Certifications of Air Log 6

Air Log 6 has been validated suitable for aerosolization in the presence of people according to the WHO guidelines 2003 at the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia Agostino Gemelli.
Furthermore, its efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 has been tested through a study at the “Università di Pisa, cattedra Mauro Pistello Professor of Clinical Microbiology Department of Translational Research on New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery department / Director Clinical Virology Service Pisa University Hospital
In this scientific study the virucidal activity of the formulation was evaluated, confirming the high ability to break down the viral load.
In addition, the assay contains a careful assessment of cellular cytotoxicity, as a further guarantee for the method of use as a permanent sanitizer in the air, providing ample safety for use in the presence of people.

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Air Log 6 diffusers for permanent sanitization

The different environmental needs have prompted CH.I.S.S. S.R.L. to offer the possibility of dispensing the product with six different dispensers:

SMARTY tascabile airlog6
MINI Air Log 6 Diffuser permanent sanitization
PLUS Air Log 6 Diffuser permanent sanitization
SKY sanitizzazione permanente
PRO Air Log 6 permanent sanitization
permanent sanitization CONDITIONING Air Log 6 Diffuser


BA1000A6Air Log 6 1LPz 4x1L
BPE250A6Air Log 6 250 mlPz 12x250ml
BP256A6-6Air Log 6 250 mlPz 6x250ml
5PZ250A6Air Log 6 250 mlPz 5x250ml
BP100A615Air Log 6 100 mlPz 15x100ml
MINAL6-ADiffusore MINI1 box
DIFAL6-ADiffusore REGULAR1 box
SKYAL6-ADiffusore SKY1 box
PROAL6-ADiffusore PRO1 box