Ethical code

The ethical code indicates the policies and directives that regulate and are the basis of the relationships in the company between employees and with other realities with which the company interacts: customers, suppliers, reference communities

Codice Etico CH. I. S. S. SRL - eTHICAL CODE


At CH. I. S. S. SRL we share a commitment aimed at ensuring the highest level of integrity in the conduct of business and attention to the principles of respect for society and the environment.
The integrity and ethics that each of us places in our work in fact characterizes our way of operating.
Therefore working with a strong sense of integrity is crucial to maintaining our credibility and trust of our customers, partners, employees and towards the entire community of reference of the company.
Therefore, creating an environment of transparency in carrying out the activity is a top priority for all of us and in this environment we must constantly respect the principles of sustainability to guarantee our business.
The  ethical code of the company represents our commitment to operate frankly and truthfully in our relationships and communications, because it avoids socially unacceptable behavior and guarantees maximum protection of the environment in the exercise of our business.
Furthermore, we expect the company to be managed according to the principles set out in this code and that everyone, from the managerial group to each employee, is required to respect them.
Our ethical code contains rules regarding individual and category responsibilities, towards the environment as well as towards employees, customers, suppliers, and other interested parties.


Each of us is required to read and respect this ethical code with what is prescribed in this and any subsequent additions. Failure to respect it could result in civil and criminal liability for the employee in question, who could also be subject to disciplinary measures.
We therefore place additional responsibility on the management who must demonstrate, through its actions, the importance of following the rules, of guiding by example and of being available to employees who have ethical questions to ask or who want to report possible violations.
Exceptions to the Code may also be granted in individual cases but only in exceptional circumstances and authorized by the ownership of CH. I. S. S. SRL.
Each of us is required to report behavior that we believe, in good faith, to be contrary to the law or to the Company ethical code. If our superior is involved in the affair, or has not been able or wanted to adequately manage the problem, we must report the case to the company property.


CH.I.S.S. SRL. respects and abides by all laws and rules applicable to its business. It is the responsibility of every employee who works for CH.I.S.S. SRL to consequently comply with these laws and to seek timely advice regarding legal obligations and other legal problems.
By the nature of its business CH.I.S.S. SRL finds itself organizing and managing events in international contexts, employees engaged in operations abroad are required to know and comply with all the national and foreign legislation applicable to the various cases.


For protect human rights and promote fair conditions of employment, safety in the workplace, responsible management of environmental issues and high ethical standards, our ethical code must be applied in the design and provision of the services of CH.I.S.S. SRL.
In fact, anyone who works for CH.I.S.S. SRL. must see his fundamental human rights respected, and not suffer any physical or psychological suffering from his work. We therefore recommend that all our employees are free to peacefully and legally join associations of their choice, and that they have the right to collective bargaining when this is applicable.
It does not accept, and obviously does not pursue, child labor.
Furthermore, no employee must be discriminated against because of their race, color, sex, sexual preference, marital status, pregnancy, motherhood or fatherhood, religion, political opinion, nationality, ethnic or social origin, social status, disability, age, union membership, or others. Every employee should know the basic terms and conditions of their employment.
Finally, the highest priority must always be attributed to workers’ health and safety in the workplace even when this, due to the nature of the services provided and temporarily exercised abroad. This applies to every aspect of working conditions, including noise level, temperature, ventilation, lighting, and quality and access to toilets.
Our suppliers and their sub-suppliers are required to comply with our ethical code and to verify compliance.


The environment is important for us and for our stakeholders and therefore CH.I.S.S. SRL works to minimize its environmental impact. CH.I.S.S. SRL. is also committed to:

  • Improve the environmental awareness of all employees
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance
  • Respect or exceed the environmental legal requirements
  • Reduce energy consumption in the workplace
  • Reduce the waste of unwarranted resources
  • Collaborate with suppliers to avoid environmental risks

Finally, employees are required to deal with environmental problems professionally, but also to help CH.I.S.S. SRL to develop and exploit the opportunities of the economic sector to help create a more sustainable society.


It is a duty of all employees to protect the confidential and proprietary information of CH.I.S.S. SRL and those of its customers and suppliers.
The employees of CH.I.S.S. SRL have access to information owned by the company, and sometimes also to that of third parties. Such information may be financial data, commercial and promotional programs, technical information, employee and customer information, and other types of information. Access, use and disclosure of this information without authorization could damage CH.I.S.S. SRL. or the third party, therefore employees are prohibited from accessing, using or disclosing such information without due authorization.
If the employee is unsure whether he is authorized, he is therefore required to seek clarification.

Privacy Rules

Every employee of CH.I.S.S. SRL and the staff who for CH.I.S.S. SRL provides service in any form and title is required to:

  1. do not disclose to anyone information that CH.I.S.S. SRL has not made publicly available, except for
    (i) people working for CH.I.S.S. SRL have access in the course of their work to the type of information in question and have good reason to have it
    (ii) other people authorized by CH.I.S.S. SRL to receive them;
    (iii) people to whom this information must be transmitted in accordance with the duties performed.
  2. not access, duplicate, reproduce or make use, directly or indirectly, of company-owned information, except in the context of the tasks and works for CH.I.S.S. SRL
  3. knowing of an illegal use or treatment of confidential information, promptly report the fact to the direct superior or corporate property;
  4. do not store CH.I.S.S. information SRL on private computers.


Among its activities, the company carries out that of RESEARCH and design of innovative technologies integrated with physical sources for new application methods according to environmental improvement, to support the economy, growth of humanity. This is addressed to public and private subjects both in the revision of their business model of the CH.I.S.S. SRL both in the search for new markets.
It is naturally remunerated for this activity and the forms in which this takes place can be different and depend on the possible contracting signed.
– Research & Development activity including application methods in the field of sciences in Physical Chemistry, mathematics, integrated engineering and artificial intelligence.

  • The employee has the obligation of professional updating.
  • He must constantly take care of his professional preparation, preserving it and increasing it.
  • Together with the colleagues who have taken on the assignment or delegation in the CH.I.S.S. SRL, must develop a dialectical relationship with the working group expressed by the quality and management system adopted of which it is an active part.
  • This dialectical relationship must be aimed at protecting company work, economic and property balances, also at understanding and stimulating coherence between mission and statutory purposes.
  • Relations with the colleagues in CH.I.S.S. SRL must be marked with respect, a spirit of collaboration, loyalty and solidarity.
  • The employee is also required to collaborate with the greatest sense of responsibility also with other external bodies: buyers, suppliers, consultants or entities.
  • He also has a duty to refuse competing assignments, similar even in minimal connections.
  • In any case, it will not be able to take on exorbitant positions with respect to its potential and technical-organizational possibilities.


CH.I.S.S. SRL therefore has the objective of being a responsible member of the economic and social reality in which it operates.
This requires all of us to be sensitive to social and environmental issues and to provide appropriate and exact answers to questions asked by stakeholders, which is why it is important to behave socially and ethically responsibly.
Therefore it is essential that the image that each of us gives of CH.I.S.S. SRL is always associated with respect for human rights, with fair and safe working conditions, and with practices compatible with the environment.