Thanks to its experience in the scientific and laboratory fields CH.I.S.S. SRL has created some products for environmental hygiene and instrumental hygiene. These are therefore already available on the market through the company’s commercial networks. In fact, CHISS has managed to study and develop innovative solutions. The environmental and instrumental hygiene products you find on this site can be used for different environments (food industry, pharmaceutical chemical industry, plastic industry, transformation and treatment of special waste, water treatment after agricultural use). The action against germs, bacteria, fungi viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms is guaranteed. All products are tested and certified. The company has not overlooked the marketing aspect either. For this reason, the proposed articles are made with names and graphics ready to be launched on the market.

Environmental  instrumental hygiene products Lyses

Lyses Power

Lyses Power © is an original hydrogen peroxide solution with silver ions. It is therefore excellent for the treatment of air and surfaces in critical health areas, industrial production areas, especially the production of capital goods that are widely used.

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Environmental  instrumental hygiene product Airlog 6

Airlog 6

Airlog 6 © is a sanitizing system with air regenerating neutralizing action, with suitable use in the presence of people. Tested and approved according to OMS 2003 directives. Thanks to its programmable diffuser for various needs, it is a versatile and effective solution.

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More information about CHISS instrumental environmental hygiene products

If you want to learn more about the operation and other features of Lyses Power or Airlog 6 products, you can go to the dedicated pages by clicking on the product images. If you are interested in the distribution or purchase of the items on display, you can go to the contacts page for more information. Chiss is also able to conceive and design specific solutions tailored to each type of need