Company Policy

The management of the CH.I.S.S. SRL focused its company policy on the values of shared leadership and the planned responsibility of a scientific committee of great experience in the field of MULTISCIENCE. Apply international ISO standards to the specific purpose of Instrumental and Industry Clinical Validation. The first action, first of all, saw the improvement of its image and the increase in the quality of its services. In fact, the expectations of all stakeholders were explicitly taken into account. The activity analysis focused on identifying, managing and treating risks. The involvement of the basic researchers has allowed the management of situations following the validation of the projects provided.

CH.I.S.S. Company Policy


In practice, our organization is committed for the next three years to make concrete, in time compatible with its economic and organizational resources, the following points:

  • Realize and provide research methods and high-quality products, with efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility, to meet the needs and expectations of customers while achieving the profit necessary for the continuous development and improvement of the company;
  • Identify and realise the opportunities that, by optimizing business characteristics, allow you to achieve internal and external benefits that maintain a high level of competitiveness;
  • Tend to eliminate inefficiencies by setting a zero-oriented level of nonconformance as the primary objective;
  • Develop deep integration in the company both vertically and horizontally, through the training at all levels and continuous improvement;
  • Adapt the company to the customer’s needs by analyzing the quality of service provided.
  • Respect the strict legislative requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to the services offered, the means used and the company structures, regarding environmental protection and the protection of the health and safety of operators;
  • Assess the significance of environmental aspects and impacts and health and safety risks; incorporate the results in the management practice and in the process of defining the objectives of business development;
  • Monitor the implementation of its processes in order to assess the performance of the business and be able to recognize the achievement of the objectives and the possible further suggestions for improvement;
  • Train and raise awareness of respect for your principles and working methodologies all internal staff and suppliers who play a significant role;
  • Encourage communication with all private and social parts of the territory in order to better harmonize the inclusion of the organization in its environment and promote the dynamics of mutual development.
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