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Cold chemical disinfection

Lyses power is the ideal solution for high-level cold chemical disinfection of surfaces and medical devices. It is an energetic disinfectant, cleaner and regenerator suitable on all surfaces and equipment present in the operating block, laboratories, clinics and industrial departments. In fact, it achieves maximum results thanks to the natural advantages of ionic silver as a support in the fight against fungi bacteria and viruses, and in promoting the persistence of the treatment.

Hydrogen peroxide with AG + ions

The characteristic of the Lyses formulation for cold chemical disinfection is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide combined with silver in the form of “positively charged” ions and the form of pure particles in “ppm”. Its positively charged silver ions measure only between 1 and 5 nanometers. The small size of these ions is therefore very important from the application point of view of the Lyses power atomized in the air, since they improve the antimicrobial / disinfectant properties of ionic silver. Ionic silver, through its positive ions and its pure silver particles, blocks and disables certain enzymes essential for the survival of bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens.

Disinfezione chimica a freddo: Lyses Power
Lyses Power

High efficiency in bacteria elimination

The obtained properties of the peroxide and silver ion combination have been highlighted by the IMSL- Industrial Microbiological Services LTD laboratory, which certifies 99% efficiency in eliminating bacteria according to the ISO 22196 standard. It is an energetic disinfectant, cleaning and regenerating agent suitable on all surfaces and equipment in the operating block, laboratories, clinics and industrial departments.

Low toxicity cold chemical disinfection of medical devices and surfaces

disinifettante chimico bassa tossicità

Used for cold chemical disinfection Lyses is completely free of toxic effects, not only towards the human being but also towards animals and plants. It is therefore a non-toxic product, the external use of which is free from contraindications.
Only in the case of the Power formulation, combined with 12% hydrogen peroxide does it need to evaluate the impact of the atomization of the peroxide, determining the reuse time of the treated area with its formulation (about 40 minutes). % is suitable for use even in the presence of a minimum of people (max 2-3).

Effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide against COVID-19

In the report of the “Istituto Superiore di Sanità” COVID-19 n. 25/2020, of 15 May 2020, is indicated as effective treatment for the disinfection of surfaces / environments, hydrogen peroxide, indicated as authorized disinfectant. In fact, its biocidal and virucidal action through vaporization / aerosolization is denoted.
Hydrogen peroxide is a biocidal active ingredient approved under the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation EU 2012), and in light of the data available in the CAR – (Competent Authority Report) – at ECHA it appears that the active ingredient is effective against numerous microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses). Specifically, as regards viruses, hydrogen peroxide has proven effective against poliovirus and adenovirus.
The technical-scientific evaluation in this document also demonstrates the efficacy on a large number of microorganisms and for treatment
of hospital environments that house patients with viruses.

Available in two formulations

Lyses Power 12%: rapid and effective action, not usable in the presence of people. You must ventilate the room for 40 minutes before use it again.
Lyses 6%: usable more frequently and suitable even in human presence (max 2-3 people).You can immediately use again the rooms.


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