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The air control for a total hygiene concept

For a high level air treatment CHISS has created an innovative product: Air Log 6. It is in fact a sanitizing system, conceived as a purifying deodorant with microbicidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. It is suitable for use in the presence of people. It is undoubtedly the ideal system for air treatment in air-conditioned rooms, because thanks to its special formulation it doubles its effectiveness.
In fact, it has been developed as an aerial surface disinfection system (DVA), or an innovative technology based on the principle of nebulization of an active product in micro drops, to obtain a perfect air cleaning treatment.
The wide range of activities also allows to control most of the microbial contamination potentially present in sterile and controlled contamination environments.

The formulation of the preparation

The formulation Air Log 6 sees its realization for the biological control of the air in research environments such as general toxicology laboratories, enclosures, aseptic production areas. Designed initially in the aerosol form in cans, given the combined principles of 2-propanol and 1-propanol and isopropyl alcohol, to be dispensed to protect operators, environments and surfaces in the presence of people. For the purposes of inhalation possible in small percentages, refined chlorhexidine was added to provide the formulation of efficacy on classic Gram + Gram – contaminants, fungi bacteria and in particular HBV Hepatitis. In this way Air log 6 plays a role of total hygiene in particular in closed environments such as offices, air transport vehicles, trains and in particular in community healthcare environments.

Cleaning system: Diffuser for air treatment with liquid refill

The diffuser of the Air Log 6 is a device with a simple and compact design, convenient to be placed in any environment. Its lightness allows it to be placed anywhere easily, even on walls. Thanks to the low sound level during its use, it guarantees optimal results with discretion.
It is easy to use, since it can be programmed according to environmental needs from its integrated monitor, and it is also possible to recharge the diffuser comfortably through a compartment located on the upper part of the diffuser, easily removable and closed with a safety key.

Air treatment Airlog 6
Air treatment system Airlog 6

Air Log 6 © has a sanitizing system with air regenerating neutralizing action, with suitable use in the presence of people. It can in fact be used without having to vacate the rooms where you use it. This product has been tested and approved according to OMS 2003 directives. Its functioning has been especially developed for high-level critical areas, such as clinical environments and laboratories. These high standards allow this air treatment system to be used in any environment

Air Log 6: efficacious air treatment against COVID-19

The recent publication of 6 February 2020 in the authoritative “Journal of Hospital Infection” 104 (2020), “Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents ”by G. Kampf, D. Todt, S. Pfaender and E. Steinmann confirms the maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients of the Airlog 6 formulation against coronavirus.
In fact, this article reports a careful study on the persistence of the virus on different types of surfaces and the effectiveness in inactivating various biocidal agents. They therefore demonstrate the maximum reduction of viral infectivity by the components of the Airlog 6 formulation


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